January 2005: W900L & Inernational Muffler System is Ready

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January 2005: W900L & Inernational Muffler System is Ready

Postby Fernando on May 28th, 2009, 4:04 pm

Testing is completed and the muffler system that replaces the reverse flow mufflers used on the W-900L Kenworth and the International is now ready to be installed on your truck. Why was this system developed? The stock muffler that is under the bunk of W-900L and IHC trucks is very restrictive, has between 40 and 60” of back pressure and robs the engine of fuel mileage; and it doesn't allow the truck to run free. It's impossible to obtain fuel mileage with a truck that has restrictive fuel, air or exhaust flow. The new W-900L muffler system is easy to install and you can do it in your driveway. Just remove the two stainless ban clamps that hold the existing muffler to the pipes, remove the two brackets that hold the muffler to the chassis, and slide off the old muffler. Notice the weight of the old unit; it holds soot. Now all you have to do is clean the dirt of the Y pipe and the pipe coming from the engine, apply a little grease to the ends of the pipe so the new muffler and U pipe will slide on easily, install the 2 stainless ban clamps, and one 6” stainless ban clamp to hold the U pipe to the muffler, and the 2 chassis brackets to hold the unit to the frame.You are finished and now have a free flowing straight through muffler. The truck will run free, the exhaust temperature will be cooler and the fuel mileage will improve. This muffler is NOT as quiet as the stock unit; it can't be, its free flowing. However, the noise at light and moderate throttle is about the same. Now when your foot is into the throttle, you will know that something is happening under the hood. Is this bad to be able to hear the engine working? Absolutely not; when you're tired and really not paying attention to the gauges, your ear will pick up the beautiful melody of your engine. Have you eve noticed that when you have a cold, food doesn't taste the same? That's because you can't smell it and smelling it part of the taste sensation. Well that goes for driving also. If you can't hear your engine working, how can you drive it properly? Did you ever wonder why race car drivers wear thin-soled shoes? It's so they can feel the car through their feet
The Beauty of a Garage
Why do so many owner-operators continue to purchase new trucks when they know the power is down and so is the fuel mileage? I'm told the main reason is a tax write-off. So instead of purchasing the new truck, why not build a garage and equip it with the tools you will need to maintain and repair your truck? Its truck equipment, so it's still a write-off; and if your current truck is paid off, why not take a couple days per month to perform maintenance and do minor repairs? You will feel better towards your truck when it's your labor keeping her perfect.
Ron Kelsey, from Phoenix, Arizona is a prime example of an owner-operator that refuses to give up on his old Pete. His truck is a 1981 359 Peterbilt with just over 2,700,000 miles. Yes, the truck has gone through several major changes and the last one has just been completed. Ron removed a Big Cam Cummins Engine and installed a 3406-E 550 hp. Caterpillar Engine. But he just doesn't install an engine, not Ron Kelsey. This engine is powered coated orange and chrome. Frame rails and firewall always get repainted when he has an engine out of the chassis. This truck has been in the Las Vegas Truck Show many times and will be at the Louisville Truck Show this March.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. My booklet is now available for viewing or downloads on the World Wide Web. The address is http://www.dieselinjection.net. If you would like a hard copy of our booklet, give Aimee a call at 724-274-4080. There is a $9.00 charge for shipping and handling. Just call us with your Master Card, Visa, AMEX or Discover card number and we will get one out to you. Or send us a check or money order to:
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