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  • These exhaust manifolds flow up to 200 additional cubic feet per minute over stock significantly lowering exhaust backpressure

  • Reflective Jet-Hot coating keeps the manifold cooler and more exhaust gas energy is provided to spool up your turbo faster

  • Higher boost pressures and lower backpressure gain you up to 35 additional horsepower and improve fuel mileage

    Caterpillar performance exhaust manifolds

    Would you like to gain another 1/4 mile per gallon in fuel mileage? Remember, a 1/4 mpg improvement saves you 1186 gallons over 150,000 miles of driving. At $5.00 per gallon, that is $5,930.00 savings to you each year. This figure is based on a truck getting 5.5 mpg and improving it to 5.75 mpg. Along with the 1/4 mpg, the exhaust temperature will run slightly cooler and the exhaust manifold will not burn out as quickly. To really put the icing on the cake, it looks great!! What we are talking about here is a ported exhaust manifold that has been flow-tested before and after eight hours of grinding has been done on the inside of the manifold. The ports are not enlarged, just reshaped and the rough edges are removed. When an increase of 110 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) is obtained, the engine will gain 1/4 mpg. The average improvement to each manifold is 120 to 160 CFM. Once the porting and machining of the gasket surfaces is completed, the exhaust manifolds are then Jet-Hot coated to withstand temperatures of 1600 degrees. These manifolds look like they are chrome-plated when completed. The coating on the inside of the manifold reduces friction, keeps the heat out of the cast iron, and allows more of the exhaust heat to travel to the turbo. Because of the greater flow, the engine breathes better and the truck will run more freely. The Jet-Hot coating on the outside of the exhaust manifold reduces corrosion and also helps to keep the heat inside the manifold and helps to make the turbocharger more efficient. Remember, heat is energy and by not absorbing it in the cast iron, the manifold will live longer, the turbo will spin quicker, and the engine will breathe better. Plus, the Jet-Hot coating looks great! You get to keep your old manifold and no core charge is added. I forgot to mention that an improvement of 25 to 35 horsepower will be realized, which means you should gain 1/2 a gear on the hills.

    So, if you are looking to gain fuel mileage, you can not cry at your wallet. You will have to spend money in order to make money. A stock truck is not fuel-efficient. However, the amount you save the first year will be 4 times greater than what you spend to get the fuel mileage. We will need the casting number from your old manifold center section in order to supply you with the correct manifold for your application.


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