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Caterpillar ACERT engines & over 700 HP
Caterpillar ACERT engines & over 700 HP    [HD 220 GPH]

  • The F.A.S.S. system improves engine injection timing consistency

  • This system can improve fuel mileage by up to 1/3 MPG and add up to an additional 35 horsepower

  • The F.A.S.S. is beneficial to the component life of the injectors and injection pump

    Fuel Air Separation System for Cats

    F.A.S.S. stands for Fuel Air Separation System. So why do we need an item such as this? Well, the engineers at Caterpillar and Cummins say that diesel fuel has between 3% and 10% air. So what problems does this air cause? First off, when the air gets to the nozzle or injector, it must be compressed before the fuel is injected, thus delaying the firing or timing. So, being that all six injectors are getting some air and it is impossible to determine how much air is going to which injector, the firing of the injectors is not precise. Thus, the engine will not be as smooth as it should, the air can cause vibrations, and the fuel system does not live as long because of the cavitations in the pump and injectors. By removing the air from the fuel, the FASS System enables the engine to run more smoothly and with more response. As a result, our customers tend to report a 5-10% increase in horsepower and fuel mileage. Also, the fuel filter does not need to be changed for 30,000 miles. Please keep in mind that you will need a GT Splitter Valve to route the return fuel to each tank. Mechanical engines require only one return from the FASS Unit.

    BXS Acert Cats: If you own one of these engines and your mirrors vibrate at an idle, the FASS Fuel System will help to remove that vibration. Reports from owner-operators say they can now use their mirrors to back up!

    Mechanical Cats and Mechanical Macks with the fuel lines coming out of the top of the fuel injection pump really benefit from the FASS because the air rises in the fuel cavity and then into the fuel lines to the nozzles. One owner-operator with a 12.7 liter Detroit in a W900-L KW which has all of our products said: The FASS Fuel System is the icing on the cake!

    More detailed information about the FASS system is available at

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