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Cat Power C10 and C12
Cat Power C10 and C12    [C10/12 Power]

  • Up to 125 additional horsepower and up to 225 additional ft/lbs of torque, an average of 0.3 MPG improvement and improved engine response all on demand with a turn of the dial

  • Safeguards engine by cutting fuel if exhaust gas temperatures begin to exceed acceptable ranges

  • If you are not fully satisfied you may return the unit for a full refund within 30 days of purchase

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    840 HP ACERT Coach with a Pittsburgh Powerbox

    700+ HP 12.7 Detroit Diesel with a Pittsburgh Powerbox

    Bruce Talks about Pittsburgh Power for Cats

    Pittsburgh Power C10 and C12 Power

    The Power Box for the Caterpillar C10 Engines has 7 power settings: Each setting will produce 14 horsepower to the rear wheels and about 29 foot pounds of torque.

    The Power Box for the Caterpillar C12 Engines has 7 power settings: Each setting will produce 18 horsepower to the rear wheels and about 32 foot pounds of torque.

    Not only does this computer add power, it also improves the response of the engine so you do not have to push on the throttle and wait for the power: Its instant, just like a great running mechanical engine without the smoke. Thats right, not smoke coming out of the stack with the Pittsburgh Power Computer, just POWER. Horsepower is a win/win situation: The better your truck runs, the better care you will give to her and fuel mileage will improve and so will the longevity of the engine. The absolute most important item to a vehicle pulling a trailer is how it performs: No performance, no love, and then the truck suffers from neglect. A great-performing truck never suffers from neglect. When you look at your truck and she puts a smile on your face because of how she performs, you have been blessed. The Pittsburgh Power Performance Computer will put a smile on your face!!

    The computer must be mounted inside the cab with an LED readout attached by Velcro to the top of the instrument panel. This will display turbo boost, exhaust gas temperature (EGT/pyrometer reading). When the engine reaches 1300 deg. the computer will cut back on the added horsepower until the EGT drops back to under 1300. In addition there are six green lights spanning the bottom of the display panel. Each light shows that the injector it represents is receiving additional fuel. The LED readout remote will also have a selection dial with seven positions (9 for Detroit). Setting zero sets your engine to stock. Each power setting after that steadily increases power.

    Tom was able to pull the hills one gear higher with the computer set on the number four position adding approximately 100 additional horsepower. He easily out pulled his good friend JRs N-14 Celect Plus 525 and Rick Thompsons 3406B 425 Cat which has the fuel screws bottomed out and a turbo from a 3406 E Cat which produces 41 pounds of boost. Quote from Tom Davis: "This performance computer is phenomenal. I love the response. It feels like my old NTC BCIV 676 CPL which produced 700 horsepower. I now have to learn how to drive this truck all over again because I only have to rest my foot on the throttle. All week long I kept the power selector on number 4 because it had all the power I needed." At idle the computer renders the engine back to stock fuel settings. There will be absolutely no smoke exiting the stacks at idle because no additional fuel will be delivered to the engine. As pressure is applied to the throttle and the turbocharger begins to develop boost the computer will turn itself on and begin to add fuel at 1/2 lb. of boost. Say goodbye to the turbo lag. Your foot will feel as though its connected to a mechanical injector pump. As you push so shall you accelerate. While driving in snow, heavy traffic, fog, rain, off highway or if excitement levels become uncomfortable, simply turn the knob back to zero where your engine will once again run at stock specs.

    Click here for the Caterpillar Powerbox installation guide

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